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Remy Baudouin is a character from the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


Remy Baudouin is a belgian man who worked as a ship's cook before quitting and leaving for Mexico due to his hatred of the ocean. In the year 1916, he became fast friends with a 19-year-old Indiana Jones after Remy saved Indy's life in a fight. Indy and Remy would enlist as soldiers in World War I together with Remy in particular being motivated due to the Germans invading his homeland of Belgium.

After enlisting for the war in Ireland, Remy met a war-widow named Suzette Chambin who he flirted with, slept with and married by the time they were to be deployed. Indy and Remy fought together in Flanders fields on a mission when their commanding officers were killed by German forces. After many adventures and a brief break from the war in Paris, Indiana arranged for the two men to be transferred to British East-Africa.

While deployed in Africa, Remy contracted a severe tropical disease which nearly killed him. Remy was however saved by German physician and humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer who took the remainder of their squadron in. Indy came to be inspired by Schweitzer's humanitarian ideals to give up life as a soldier in favour of more effective strategies and encouraged Remy to leave with him. The two used fake identities to be enlisted into the French secret service where the two men were separated to different missions.

Remy was given the fake name, "Albert" and made the proprietor of an establishment known as la Café Noir in his hometown of Brussels. From this establishment, Remy worked as an intelligence agent in addition to a cook. Remy's primary contact from the café was a mysterious resistant agent known only as, "The White Lady".

After World War I ended, Jones and Remy reunited in London where Remy also reunited with his wife whom he had only seen for one week in the previous three years. Jones and Baudouin decided on going about a mission to hunt down a legendary diamond known as the Peacock's Eye, a mission which Suzette funded. This mission took the two to Alexandria, the island of Java, and the Trobriand Islands off the coast of New Guinea where Indy gave up hope and abandoned the quest. Remy did not and followed on in pursuing it to Nepal though his further fate is unknown.


Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

There are coasters from the Café Noire in SEA member Jock Lindsey's Disney Springs bar, identifying Jock as having dined at the café. The peacock's eye diamond is also located in the bar's lost and found.