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Russell is a character from the 2009 film Up.


Russell was a young boy in the 2000s who had divorced parents with his father being absentee. To compensate for this, Russell became a committed member of the Wilderness Explorers scout group where he was fixated on becoming a Senior Wilderness Explorer.

While attempting to gain the Assisting the Elderly Badge, he stowed away on a floating house belonging to the elderly Carl Fredrickson who wished to take his house to Paradise Falls in South America. In South America they encountered the giant bird, "Kevin" which Russell named and adopted which in turn made them targets of the mad elderly explorer Charles F. Muntz. Russell was briefly kidnapped by Muntz but saved by Fredrickson leading to Muntz' death.

Muntz and Fredrickson went on to commandeer the late-Muntz's airship The Spirit of Adventure back to their home where Russell was awarded the status of Senior Wilderness Explorer.

Appearances and allusions[]


In Disneyland Paris, a sculpture depicts Carl and Russel on docks along the river near Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost.[1]

Disney's Animal Kingdom[]

Russell is a common walk-around character in Disney's Animal Kingdom, predominately affiliated with the Wilderness Explorers interactive game.


This miniature feature in the Animal Kingdom is an augmented collar modified by Russel and Carl Fredrickson so Russel could gain his advanced Appliance Repair Badge.[2]

UP! A Great Bird Adventure[]

Russell and Dug host this attraction where guests are taught about asian birds.

Pixar Pier[]

Russel appears on a billboard advertising Pixar Pier. It shows him and Carl Fredricksen arriving at the pier from Carl's flying house.[3]


Expedition Everest[]

UP! A Great Bird Adventure is set in Anandapur, the setting of Expedition Everest. The Wilderness Explorers are also affiliated with the kingdom's history.

Main Street, U.S.A.[]

The crate behind Carl and Russell in Adventureland is addressed to 302 Market Street and to be delivered to Main Street, U.S.A..