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Salty is one of Captain Mary Oceaneer's parrots, appearing in various paintings on display at the Oceaneer Lab aboard the Disney Cruise Line.


Salty accompanied Mary during the launch of the RV Oceaneer Lab on July 30, 1898 and participated in deep sea dives and treasure hunts throughout the Caribbean in the early 1900s and enjoyed taking part in pirate themed festivities aboard the vessel. Mary was very passionate about allowing her birds to participate in her excursions to the point of building customized diving suits.

In later years, while traveling with Duncan, Mary designated her new ship the M.S. Salty IV. after her old companion, which crashed ashore in Typhoon Lagoon after a Mesoamerican expedition.


  • When Disney blogger articles and interviews with Imagineers for the opening of Miss Adventure Falls pointed out the discrepancy between the two Oceaneer parrots, it was claimed they were the same character and Salty was merely a nickname of Duncan's[1]. However, with their differences in size, shape, and facial coloration, this statement is questionable.
  • Based off of his plumage and eyepatch, it is possible that Salty was modelled after the Barker Bird from Pirates of the Caribbean.