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Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen or simply the Skipper Canteen is a restaurant at Magic Kingdom's Adventureland based on the Jungle Cruise attraction, serving as the Jungle Navigation Company's headquarters.



Alberta Falls, owner of Skipper Cateen

The restaurant was once a colonial jungle mansion which housed the Falls family, having presumably been built by Dr. Albert Falls who was founder of the Jungle Navigation Company. The estate also housed Albert's wife and fellow adventurer Victoria Marie Falls who assisted him in running the company. Along with this, the building was used by Dr. Falls as a meeting-place for the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, a secret society of-which he was a member.

The S.E.A. would assemble in a meeting-room which Albert had secretly constructed behind the estate's library. Members of the society hosted in this chamber included the likes of Merriweather Adam Pleasure, Captain Mary Oceaneer, Chef Tandaji, Sango Shio, Luana Teixeira, Lord Henry Mystic and his pet monkey, Albert. This hall also held a collection of artifacts created and collected by different members of the society.

In 1919, Dr. Albert's eight-year-old granddaughter Alberta Falls was sent to live in the estate while her father was busy traveling on the lecture circuit. Here, the Falls family recognized an adventurous spirit in Alberta that would be better allowed to grow in the jungle so the Falls estate became Alberta's new home.

In 1927, Dr. Albert Falls mysteriously disappeared leaving Alberta as the new president of the Jungle Navigation Company. However she inherited the company during the Great Depression meaning that business was downturning. By this point in time, the Falls estate became used as the headquarters for the Jungle Navigation Company (whether this was under Alberta or Dr. Albert is unknown). As the new owner of the Jungle Navigation Company, Alberta would also come to work as the company's manager, bookkeeper and head-mechanic.

For additional revenue, Alberta would open up the JNC headquarters as the, "Skipper Canteen" restaurant and serve customers of her service, "The Jungle Cruise". Following the Jungle Cruise's success, Alberta would turn the Falls estate into the, "Jungle Navigation Company Ltd. Skipper Canteen" restaurant in 1938. Notable employees of the JNC who worked in the estate included the likes of animal expert Skipper Marc, cartographer Skipper Harper, horticulturist Skipper Bill and manager Skip Documentary. Individuals who would dine at the Skipper Canteen included eccentric professor "The Dreamfinder", aviator Jock Lindsey, Adventurers Club president Pamelia Perkins, Global Broadcasting Service broadcaster Nigel Greenwater, and English witch-doctor Colonel Nedley "Shrunken Ned" Lostmore.

Development history[]

Prior to 2015, the Skipper Canteen's space served as the Adventureland Veranda.


A letter left by Alberta in the menu reads as:

Welcome to the Jungle Skipper Canteen!

My name is Alberta and I'll be your owner, manager, bookkeeper, interior decorator, and sous chef for the next 3 courses (or as far as you get). My grandfather, Dr. Albert Falls, established the Jungle Navigation Company in 1911. His goal was to improve the way in which cargo moved up and down the jungle rivers for his fellow explorers and adventurers. When I was eight years old my parents sent me here to live in the jungle with my grandfather and the jungle boat skippers. I call the jungle my home and the crew members are my family.

That's why I turned to them when business began to decline soon after I inherited the company. Fewer and fewer full-fledged expeditions were seen in the jungle and Adventureland became more of a destination for greenhorn globetrotters. Simply put, our cargo shipping business was dry docked. Then one of the skippers came to me with an idea. He suggested we use our vessels to offer guided tours to the visitors.

The rest is history! We have been offering Jungle Cruises for several years now and business has never been better. We've been so successful that I decided to open up our home offices to hungry travelers. The crew's mess hall, our old family room, and even my grandfather's old secret meeting room are now open to our diners!

We enjoy having you and we hope you enjoy being had. Please relax and enjoy your meal, then get out

Yours truly,

Alberta Falls

P.S. I'm sorry that was rude... Please get out.

Albert Falls Portrait.jpg


The Skipper Canteen serves cuisine from Africa, Asia and South America, reflecting the attraction's international waters.


The Skipper Canteen contains three distinct areas: The main Mess Hall, the Falls family Room, and the secret Society of Explorers and Adventurers meeting room once hidden behind library shelves.

Falls Family Room[]


Mess Hall[]

Society of Explorers and Adventurers meeting-room[]

This was a meeting room for the Society of Explorers and Adventurers used when the headquarters was run by Dr. Albert Falls. The room is accessed from a passageway hidden behind the Falls family library via a secret door activated via pulling a copy of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea[]

The map of beasts of the Mediterranean shows the Nautilus engaged in combat with a giant squid. Also in the library is a book by Captain Nemo called The Polar Voyage in reference to how the North Pole was a destination in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage.

Adventureland Bazaar[]

A book in the library Banjos and Baboons by Goff. This references imagineer Harper Goff who was well known to play banjo but who also has a fictitious counterpart that operates from the Adventureland bazaar.

Adventure Trading Company[]

Some books in the library are written by characters of the Adventure Trading Company event. This includes Birds of Song and Rongo's Rite by Tiki Kiki Serbano and Gorilla Theatre by J. Thompson Gazelle, a character from The Daily Gnus who reviewed the gorilla raiders' performing of Hamlet. There is an additional book titled, "Traditional juju charms" by an author named MacGuffin, referencing the macguffin juju charms of the Trading Company.[1] In the mess hall is a message from Skip Documentary saying, "I'm putting the spare key for the notice board cabinet here for safe keeping- Skip". Said key is comedically locked within the notice board.[2] An elephant, snake, bird, and piranhahaha juju are also located within the bulletin-board of the canteen's mess-hall.[3] In the restroom is a framed edition of the Daily Gnus from the event along wth more jujus.[4]

Bengal Barbecue[]

Shrunken Ned from Bengal Barbecue can be heard in the mess-hall loop of the restaurant and one of his diagnoses are pinned to a board.

Discovery Bay[]

One map portraying flying creatures of Bengal was made by S.E.A. president Jason Chandler from Discovery Bay and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad along with Captain Brieux and has several illustrations of the Hyperion from the film. Both characters were planned to be featured in the unbuilt Discovery Bay park planned for Disneyland.


Disney films[]

  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: The book "The Wildest Ride" by J.T. Toad is written by J. Thaddeus Toad and references Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
  • Aladdin: The book "A New Way to Manage Birds" by the, "I & Z Management Publications" also alludes to Iago.
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire: A potential illustration of the Leviathan is located on Mary Oceaneer's map.[5]
  • Cinderella: In the library is a book titled The Mystery Castle by Cindy Ella which is in-reference to Walt Disney World's iconic Cinderella Castle, namely through the defunct Tokyo Disneyland attraction of the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour.
  • The Island at the Top of the World: Captain Brieux and the Hyperion are both featured on a map made by Brieux and Chandler for S.E.A..
  • Dumbo: In the library is a book titled, "Pink Elephants and other rarities" by Lopez alluding to Dumbo's drunken hallucination of pink elephants.
  • The Lion King: The book Hamlet: A Lion's Tale by Shakes Speare is in the library. This is a joke about the Lion King (1994) which is based on the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. The book "A New Way to Manage Birds" by the, "I & Z Management Publications" also alludes to Zazu.
  • Sleeping Beauty: A dragon modelled after Maleficent's dragon form appears on a map in the Skipper Canteen depicting, "Legendary flying beasts of the Mekong river and surrounding territories".
  • Toy Story: There is a book in the library titled A Flight Through Dreams and If You Had Wings You Could Fly by B.L.. Both are references to the defunct Tomorrowland attractions of Delta Dreamflight and If you had wings. The author is in-reference to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story whose attraction Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin replaced said attractions. Buzz Lightyear also has a complex regarding his inability to fly despite his having wings in the original Toy Story (1995).

Expedition Everest[]

There is a book in the library called Everest Expedition: Search for the Yeti which was written by Harrison Hightower III, a member of the S.E.A. and Pillagers Brigade. This is a tribute to how Hightower's actor Joe Rohde was an imagineer behind Expedition Everest and Disney's Animal Kingdom.


There are several books alluding to characters, attractions and features traditionally affiliated with Fantasyland. Amongst these are The Mystery Castle by Cindy Ella which is in-reference to Walt Disney World's iconic Cinderella Castle, namely through the defunct Tokyo Disneyland attraction of the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour. There is also The Wildest Ride by J.T. Toad. This is an allusion to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, an opening day attraction for Disneyland and Walt Disney World which themed around the adventures of Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949).

Another book is A Small World of Traditional Wardrobe by A. Davis. This references the attraction It's a Small World as-well as imagineer Alice Davis who created the wardrobes for the animatronic figures of attractions, including Small World. Another book is A View from Above by S.W. Buckets which is a reference to the now defunct Skyway which once passed over Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. There is also The 1871 Annual Review of Song by M.M.R., an allusion to the defunct Mickey Mouse Revue attraction which opened in 1971 with it revolving around Disney characters performing musical numbers.

Haunted Mansion[]

There are two books referencing the Haunted Mansion within the library. One is called Tales of the Supernatural by Gracey, a reference to the Haunted Mansion along with Master Gracey and the Gracey family affiliated with having owned the manor, and their namesake the late-Disney imagineer Yale Gracey. Another book has the title, "Ghosts of New Orleans" by the author, "Scholtz" as an apparent tribute to the Haunted Mansion's New Orleans setting.[6]

Indiana Jones[]

Several books in the library reference Indiana Jones characters, namely and Seeking Knowledge by Mara and The Eyes of Mara by Indiana Jones which allude to Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye, and Temple Tours, a series by Paco from Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. A barrel labelled, "Backside of Water" is also addressed to be sent by the JNC to one Prof. Marley at Marshall College, the academy where Indiana Jones works. In the mess hall, the toolbox of Jock Lindsey is located in the, "Lost and Unfound" with a warning that it might contain a live snake.[7]

Journey Into Imagination[]

The voice of the Dreamfinder from Journey into Imagination can be heard in the Mess Hall, asking where he can park his Dream Mobile.

Jungle Cruise[]

Within the S.E.A. meeting room are a painting of Dr. Albert Falls's discovery of the sunken temple and maps of Mythological Creatures produced by S.E.A. members. Albert Falls' fez is also in the entryway to the SEA room. There are several books in the library which reference the Jungle Cruise, its features and its characters. Namely of these books are:

  • A Small Village With A Large Heart and Rockefeller, Hippo, Pet, Family by Doctor Albert Falls.
  • Illustrated Guide to Radio Broadcasting by Albert Awol from the Jungle Cruise.
  • Friends for Dinner, Top Hats and Umbrellas, Banana Trade and The Missing Mask by Trader Sam from the Jungle Cruise.
  • The Lost Temple of Shir Lee by Mo Williams.
  • Survival in the Entertainment Jungle by Nigel Greenwater from Disneyland's Jungle Cruise.
  • The Congo Queen by M. Pittman. The Congo Queen is the name of one of the Jungle Cruise's two opening-day boats and the one which carried Walt Disney. Its name was likely influenced by the film The African Queen.

Jingle Cruise[]

There is a book titled Traditional Native Holiday Décor by Professor R. Blauerhimmel, Blauerhimmel being a SEA member. Pinned to the board is also an advertisement for the Jungle Navigation Company's holiday celebrations from the backstory of the Jingle Cruise.[8] Additionally within the canteen is a shelf which has Christmas decorations from the Jingle Cruise stored in it.

Jungle Cruise Adventure Game[]

The Skipper Canteen's likeness is used in the Jungle Cruise Adventure Game board-game as the company headquarters which all players compete to arrive at first.

Kilimanjaro Safaris[]

One of the books in the library is called The Harambe Chronicles by Wilson. This is an allusion to the attraction Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney's Animal Kingdoms which is set in the fictional East African village of Harambe. The name Wilson references the warden Wilson Matua of the reserve who appeared in the ride's pre-show up until 2020 when the pre-show was replaced. The book was however not actually written by Mutua given the 1930s setting of the Skipper Canteen, late 20th-21st century setting of Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Wilson having been Mutua's first-name rather than surname.

Main Street, U.S.A.[]

A book in the library has the name The Grace of a Swan by Plaza, a reference to the defunct Plaza Swan Boats of the Magic Kingdom. There is also an advertisement from, "Merry Time Traders" for one of these boats on the bulletin-board. The figureheads of these boats adorn the crest of S.E.A. as shown in the map of the Mekong river.

Marvel Comics[]

In the library is a book titled The Stars Above Us by Quill. This is in reference to the Marvel comics character Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord whose Marvel Cinematic Universe depiction appears in Guardians of the Galaxy themed attractions in the Disney Parks. In particular, this references Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind where there is a, "Galaxarium" in the Xandar outpost of EPCOT which portrays stars above guests' heads.

Given the 1930s setting of the attraction the canonicity of this book can be called into question however; possibly rationalizations being that it might have been written by a maternal relative of Star-Lord's, or that it was written by Peter but wound up in the 1930s via time-travel as featured in the attraction Cosmic Rewind.

Matterhorn Bobsleds[]

There is a book with the title Scaling the Matterhorn in tribute to the Disneyland rollercoaster Matterhorn Bobsleds. Another book is titled A View from Above by S.W. Buckets in reference to the now defunct Sky-Way which once passed over Tomorrowland and Fantasyland through the Matterhorn.

Mystic Manor[]

There are fezzes belonging to Lord Henry Mystic and Albert the monkey in the S.E.A. room's display case.[9] In the library there is a book titled Mysteries of Mystic Manor by Yuen, a book titled A Manor of Fact, Primates as Shipmates, and Treasures of the Manor by Lord Henry Mystic, and a book titled FUZNEWI PDMWH CHF JD U by Albert the Monkey, in a gag regarding the, "Infinite monkey theorem".[10] Several S.E.A. members first portrayed in Mystic Manor are also alluded to in the canteen.

Oceaneer Lab/Miss Adventure Falls[]

There is a map which shows legendary beasts of the Mediterranean that was created by Captain Mary Oceaneer. Additionally, two books in the library are titled Parrots as Pets and Charting Course by Captain Mary Oceaneer, the first of which alludes to her parrot pets Salty and Duncan.

Pirates of the Caribbean[]

The library contains several easter-eggs regarding the Pirates of the Caribbean albeit not any direct story connections. One book is Profiles of Legendary Pirates of the Caribbean by Gibson which is obvious allusion to Pirates of the Caribbean with Gibson being a tribute to Blaine Gibson who created the moulds for the animatronic figures in attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean. Another is Primates of the Caribbean by Coats which is another clear tribute to the classic Disney property, here referencing Disney artist and imagineer Claude Coats.

Pleasure Island[]

The Adventurers Club's president Pamelia Perkins is the namesake of the "Perkins Thai Noodles" which is described as one of her favourites. Another food item is a dessert called, "Kungaloosh!", taking its name from the Adventurers Club's official greeting. There is also a book in the library titled Another New Year by Merriweather Adam Pleasure from Pleasure Island while referencing the Adventurers Club. Two other books by him are titled, "Global Night Celebrations" and "American Prosperity Abroad". Merriweather Adam Pleasure's SEA fez is also in the cabinet of SEA fezzes connecting to the SEA room.

Rivers of America[]

One book in the library has the title Keel Boats of the Mississippi by Fink. This references the now defunct Mike Fink Keel Boats which were themed around the American folklore figure of Mike Fink who also appeared in the 1956 Disney film, Davy Crockett and the River Pirates. Mike Fink and his keelboat are still found on the Rivers of America.

Rocket to the Moon[]

There are two books written by Tomorrowland's mayor Tom Morrow from this defunct attraction. One is Mission to the Stars by Tom Morrow which references the defunct attractions Rocket to the Moon and Mission to Mars. The other book by Morrow is Mission to the Red Planet which references the Mission to Mars attraction and the character of Tom Morrow who appeared in its predecessor attraction.

Star Wars[]

The library book Myths of the Galaxy by Karrison tributes Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Managing Story Editor of Walt Disney Imagineering, Margaret Kerrison who developed Galaxy's Edge's story.[11]

Sunshine Tree Terrace[]

In the library is a book with the title Native Orange Birds of the Southeastern United States by Dr. Sid Truss. This references the Orange Bird character featured in the Sunshine Tree Terrace who was created as a mascot for the Florida Citrus Commission.

The Timekeeper[]

One book in the library is titled Keeping Time by Williams which references the defunct Tomorrowland attraction, the Timekeeper which featured late-actor/comedian Robin Williams as the titular character.

Tower of Terror[]

There are two books by Hotel Hightower owner Harrison Hightower III, MINE!, Treasures of the Animal Kingdom, and Everest Expedition: Search for the Yeti. Additionally, there is a menu item called the Shiriki Noodle Salad which is named for the malevolent deity Shiriki Utundu. The description for this meal identifies it as having been served within the Hotel Hightower on the December 31 of 1899 when Utundu killed Harrison Hightower III.[12]

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room[]

Pinned to a board in the Skipper Canteen is a letter addressed to Rosita in the Enchanted Tiki Room. However the letter is marked to be returned to sender due to Rosita being absent from the Tiki Room. In addition to this are several books alluding to the Tiki Room such as Birds of Song by Tiki Kiki Serbano, a character from Disneyland's Adventure Trading Company event, Songs of the Tiki Bird by Prof. Boag. An allusion to the Enchanted Tiki Room and performer Wally Boag who played José in the attraction, Tiki, Tiki, Tikis of the South Pacific by B. Baker. This once again references the Tiki Room and musician, Buddy Baker and Crooning Flowers by Sherman and Sherman which alludes to the Tiki Room in addition to the Sherman Brothers who composed much of the soundtrack for the attraction. Another book is titled, "A New Way to Manage Birds" by the, "I & Z Management Publications" which references Iago and Zazu from the Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management.[13]

World of Motion[]

One of the maps shows legendary beasts of the Mediterranean and amongst the illustrations are the sea-serpent from World of Motion. The serpent is listed as "Kimballum Horriblus" in tribute to imagineer Ward Kimball who developed World of Motion.


  • Great Characters of World Literature by J. Lasseter. This references former chief-creative officer of Disney and principal creative advisor of imagineering John Lasseter (before accounts of his work-place harassment surfaced).
  • Meeting Royalty by Sklar which references Marty Sklar, the late international ambassador for Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Treehouse Construction by Mills. This references the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Adventureland as-well-as actress Hayley Mills who played mother Robinson in Disney's 1960 Swiss Family Robinson film of which the attraction was based
  • Leaders Throughout History by Professor G. Kalogridis. This alludes to Disney World president George Kalogridis.
  • A Journey to the Stars by Kimball which references the Man in Space episode of Disneyland (the series) which was directed by Disney animator Ward Kimball.
  • Discovery of the South Seas by S. Shio.
  • True-Life Adventures by W.E.D.. This is an allusion to the True-Life Adventure, "Documentaries" made by Walt Disney.