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Sophia Hapgood is a character from the video-game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.


Sophia Hapgood a woman in the early half of the 20th century, born into a wealthy New England family. Sophia was a rebellious spirit and the family black-sheep who came to be an archaeologist. In 1929, she worked as an assistant on the Jastro Expedition in Iceland under one Dr. Jastro of Barnett College. On this expedition, Sophia befriended fellow archaeologist Indiana Jones and uncovered artifacts belonging to the lost nation of Atlantis.

After the expedition, Sophia was left in possession of an Atlantean necklace found on the dig. Nine years later in 1938, Hapgood reunited with Jones to search for the scrolls of the Covenant of Buddha. Using scrolls uncovered by Hapgood in Nepal, the two pursued the covenant in Afghanistan, the lost Himalayan city of Chanri-Ha, and a Buddhist temple on the Yangtze River. While in the temple, the archaeologists fought with Japanese raiders only for the covenant of Buddha to be destroyed in the process.

After this adventure, Sophia began to study psychic pseudoscience which brought her attention to psionic energy being radiated by the necklace she took in Iceland. The necklace turned out to possess the spirit of Atlantis' god-king Nur-Ab-Sal who began attempts to hypnotize Sophia. As a result of information garnered from the Atlantean king's spirit, Sophia became a target of the Nazi regime which intended on finding Atlantis to weaponize their ancient technology for the war.

Sophia teamed up with a sceptical Indiana Jones to find Atlantis before the nazis could do so. During this expedition, Sophia became possessed by Nur-Ab-Sal's spirit who attempted to restore the Atlantean empire with Atlantis' God Device. When nazi leader Klaus Kerner attempted to use the God Device to turn himself into a god, it instead mutated him into a deformed monster who was so disgusted with himself that he commit suicide by jumping into lava. Jones also tossed the atlantean necklace into the lava as well to destroy the Atlantean king's spirit and control over Sophia.

Following this expedition, Hapgood wrote a paper on Atlantis which garnered her acclaim and position as a professor of archaeology. Following World War II, Sophia was employed by the CIA and reunited with Jones again in 1947. The two competed with the Soviet Union to hunt down the Infernal Machine, an ancient Babylonian device said to activate a portal to the dimension The Aetherium. During this adventure, Jones and Hapgood rekindled an old romance and were betrayed by Hapgood's employer, CIA operative Simon Turner. Turner trapped Hapgood in the Aetherium where she was once again made the vessel for an ancient spirit, this time the god Marduk who transformed her into a harpy-like monster.

Indiana Jones managed to defeat Marduk and save Hapgood from its grasp in the Aetherium. As the Aetherium collapsed after Marduk's demise, Indiana Jones and Sophia romantically embraced and fled the realm. Sophia's further fate is unknown though it is presumed that she either died or simply separated from Jones by the year 1957.


Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

Nur-Ab-Sal's necklace appears in the lost & found of this bar along with the Peacock's Eye diamond and Headpiece to the Staff of Ra.