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Tangaroa is a Māori god featured in the Disney Parks.


Māori mythology[]

Tangaroa was one of many children of the Earth and the Sky, Rangi and Papa. He is sometimes depicted as a whale or humanoid and serves as deity of the many water-bodies of the Earth as-well-as the aquatic creatures that live within them.

Disney Parks[]

In the Enchanted Tiki Room, Tangaroa is identified as being Father of all gods. He is represented as a tiki face carved into a large, live-tree from which he births other deities.

Appearances and allusions[]

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort[]

Tangaroa is the namesake for the Tangaroa Terrace tropical bar & grill.

Trader Sam's[]

Tangaro's name is featured in the menu-item, "Tangarua Terrace Salad".[1]

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room[]

Tangaroa appears within the Enchanted Tiki Garden of Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room as part of the pre-show. He introduces himself and shows his position as father of gods by releasing several miniature tiki gods from the flowers of his branches.

In other media[]

Disney Kingdoms[]

Tangaroa serves as semi-omniscient narrator in Disney Kingdoms: Enchanted Tiki Room. He reveals himself to be of complete knowledge over the Polynesian isles with the exception of how the Tiki Room became enchanted.

Tales from Adventureland[]


  • While he is identified as father of all gods in the attraction, Rongo is actually Tangaroa's sibling in mythology.
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