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The Temple of the Crystal Skull is a location in the S.E.A. mythos.



The Temple of the Crystal Skull was a structure found in modern Cusco, Peru in the Lost River Delta of South America and was created by  mesoamerican peoples. The temple supposedly held the Fountain of Youth or a similar water-feature connected to the Fountain's legend. It also held the Crystal Skull, a sort of protector spirit to the temple and its contents which was wrathful agains those who might harm the temple.

In 1931, Indiana Jones and the League of Adventurers joined forces to locate the temple with Indiana showing particular interest in the Fountain of Youth. Jones would later be lost in the temple due to the crystal skull spirit which lead to his assistant Paco to start hosting tours in the temple for extra revenue and assist in finding the missing Jones. These tourists would nearly become victims of the skull but be saved by Jones and escape the temple together.

Appearances and allusions[]

Camp Discovery[]

A July 15, 1931 headline at this camp story tells of how the League of Adventurers joined Indiana Jones's search for the Temple of the Crystal Skull in Cusco, Peru, having discovered two halves of the same ancient map and bringing all terrain jeeps to the site, though Jones was frustrated with the unwanted extra help.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull[]

The temple is the primary setting for this attraction.

Tower of Terror[]

There is a photograph of Harrison in-front of the temple located in the Hotel Hightower.[1]

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

In this bar, a photograph shows Trader Sam standing in-front of this temple.



  • The temple is not to be confused with the temple of Akator (El Dorado) from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) which held (presumably) unrelated crystal skulls. These crystal skulls were the skulls of inter dimensional beings resembling stereotypical aliens from science-fiction.
  • In real-life, crystal skulls were hoaxes created by jewellers in the 19th centuries which they claimed to be of mesoamerican, pre-columbian origins.