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World Showcase is one of the, "Lands" of EPCOT in Walt Disney World.


World Showcase is an extension of EPCOT, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It is themed around being eleven pavilions found around World Showcase Lagoon, each themed around the culture and histories of eleven nations from around the world. Namely the eleven nations are: Mexico, Norway, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Morocco and the United States of America.


Canada Pavilion[]

China Pavilion[]

France Pavilion[]

Germany Pavilion[]

Italy Pavilion[]

Mexico Pavilion[]

Morocco Pavilion[]

Norway Pavilion[]

United Kingdom Pavilion[]

United States of America Pavilion[]


Atlantis: The Lost Empire[]

Artwork for Atlantis: The Lost Empire can be found in the library of the Royal Adventurer's Society including a book that has Atlantean language on its spine.


One of the shops in this pavilion is called Casablanca Carpets, an allusion to the film Casablanca which in-addition to having been featured in The Great Movie Ride has connections to a variety of Disney attractions. This is because the film Casablanca was set in Morocco.

Disney Springs[]

In Twenty-Eight and Main at Disney Springs' marketplace is a wooden sign advertising the Rose and Crown pub of the UK pavilion.[1] It should be noted that the down of Disney Springs has an airline connecting to the kingdom of Arendelle which is a presence in the Norway Pavilion.[2]

Fortress Explorations[]

The Kidcot station of the UK Pavilion is set to being the library of, "The Royal Adventurer's Society". Within the library is a book called, "Society of Explorers and Adventurers Handbook".

Indiana Jones[]

Indiana's hat and whip are hung on a wall in the Muppet-themed restaurant Regal Eagle Smokehouse in the USA pavilion.[3]

Skipper Canteen[]

The Royal Adventurer's Society possesses several books featured in the library of the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen.

Trader Sam's Grog Grotto[]

No references to the SEA mythos exist within the Norway Pavilion in and of itself but one element of the SEA mythos does reference the Norway Pavilion. Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort has a life-preserver mounted on the wall with the words, "Vesta v gruppen" on it. This was taken from the now-defunct attraction, Maelstrom where it was hung along the wall of a waterside village building.


  • When near the Mexico Pavilion and looking over the lagoon at the Morocco Pavilion, one of the buildings in the pavilion's horizon is actually the backside of the Hollywood Tower Hotel in Disney's Hollywood Studios. The hotel was designed so that it would blend in with Moroccan architecture to attempt to cloak this.