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The Yakoose is a character from Pleasure Island's Adventurers Club.


The Yakoose was a Mongolian animal which was an apparent hybrid of a yak and a moose. Around 1934 it was hunted by a member of the Adventurers Club and had its remains sent to Pleasure Island, Florida to serve as a trophy at the club's building. In 1934, instead of being sent to the taxidermist was mistakenly sent to the upholstery shop and for unclear reasons, the mounted Yakoose head in the Adventurers Club would remain animated and sentient with the additional ability to speak (it being unclear if it could talk before it was hunted or not).

Appearances and allusions[]

Pleasure Island[]

The Yakoose's history is detailed in the Historical Plaque for the Changing Attitudes shop, it being the upholstery shop that furnished the Yakoose's taxidermy body.

Adventurers Club[]

The Yakoose was one of the characters in the Adventurers Club with its head being hung in the Treasure Room.[1] It moved and interacted with club-goers and Babylonia.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

In this bar belonging to S.E.A. member and Indiana Jones affiliate Jock Lindsey, there is an ice-machine with a label identifying it as belonging to the, "Yakoose Ice Co. Est. 1938". It is unclear what the nature of this connection is though it being an ice machine might be an allusion to the Yakoose's cold home region of Mongolia.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

On one of the shelves in the bar of Trader Sam (a character from the Jungle Cruise) has a mug in the likeness of the Yakoose's head.


  • The Yakoose is similar to the characters Melvin, Buff and Max from the Country Bears Jamboree, them being three taxidermy heads of hunted animals that were animate and could speak. Jokes from the Adventurers Club made by performers sometimes included telling the Yakoose to, "Go back to the Country Bears".